Variations in Russian PPShs:

1) Rear sights:
Early tangent sight - 50 to 500 meters (1941). Later flip up sight -100 and 200 meter setting (late 1942)

Soviet and Iranian flip sights have a "V" notch, the North Korean and Chinese have a diopter (small hole) rear flip sight.

2) Front sights:
First version- Tangent rear with open front sight.
Second version- Tangent rear sight with front sight hood.
Third version- Flip rear sight with front sight hood. (I cannot verify this version as I have never seen one of these.)
Fourth version- Protected flip rear sight with front sight hood. (Most common version.)

3) Receiver pin: Grooved one piece - early version. Two piece - later version.
All the WWII PPShs I have inspected that still had the original lower receiver,
had the solid pin and the earlier version hole (#8) in the bottom for the flat round
spring (#7) which holds the grooved receiver pin in place..

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