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With RARE Stick Magazine!

Reference: Russian PPSh 41 Machinegun

Condition: Very Good

Year: Early 1982

Country: Japan

Height: 9.5"

Width: 1.75”

Length: 32.5”

Materials: Wood and zinc metal construction




PPSh 41 Russian WWII Machinegun: A rare HUDSON Toy Company replica of this classic WWII rifle of the Russian Army. It is constructed entirely of metal with real wood stock.  Features a ventilated metal barrel shroud, rare 30 round stick magazine (more common is the drum magazine), metal barrel, metal trigger and safety, full open bolt blowback metal bolt carrier assembly, metal sights and more! It also comes with 11 rounds of blank blowback brass, full inscriptions and Russian tooling marks, all done up in a semi black finish.  Designed to fire blank caps. As seen in countless films like Saving Private Ryan,  Band Of Brothers, Full Metal Jacket and more (just to name a few!). The all metal replica you are viewing weighs almost 9 pounds and measures over 32 inches in length. Take a look at the pictures below and you'll see the attention to detail that makes this replica extra special.  Model is unfired but does exhibit some light wear and very light surface oxidation. When the brass cartridges are fitted with the proper caps/charges, this replica is designed to fire in semi and full auto modes. As stated previously, the caps are not included with this auction.  The brass provided is totally inert contains nothing explosive. Look at the pictures below and you will see the attention to the smallest details. The metal surfaces are consistent throughout the surface of the rifle. The tolerances are tight and the machining is accurate. These replica blowback blank guns are basically very realistic and sophisticated cap guns. They ignite a small cap/primer that fits into the brass “cartridges” which, when the trigger is pulled, creates a small ignition that in turn cycles the bolt to blowback, eject the spent casing, then chamber another “round” to repeat the process. They will fire in semi-automatic or full automatic mode. The brass cartridges are 100% reusable. All you need are the caps to put into each cartridge after firing to use them again and again. HUDSON replica guns have been used as props in major motion pictures for over 25 years... that's how good they are! Every part on this beauty is replicated in metal, with no plastic components anywhere on the gun. Features include: functional spring loaded thumb lever activated magazine release, functional trigger with bolt action that fires from the "open bolt" position, metal screws, fixed forward combat sights with adjustable rear sights, safety, all metal magazine and more. Entire replica will break down and function as the original but CANNOT BE MADE TO FIRE REAL AMMUNITION. This is not a gas operated gun and DOES NOT FIRE PLASTIC PELLETS. A rare opportunity to own one of the  rarest HUDSON replicas to come out of Japan.


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