PPSh-41 Videos (Long downloads, but 1 & 5 are worth it!)
Special thanks to Keith@gulfcoastarmory for permission to use his videos 1-3 & 5.
Thanks to Serge Z. for video # 7.

1- PPSh-41  (71 round drum-one long burst! Oh yeah!)
2- PPSh-41 (feminine touch-short bursts)
3- PPSh-41 (watch the vertical spent brass ejection)
4- PPSh-41 (20 round burst- Wolf 9mm)
5- AK-47  (75 round drum-another long burst!)
6- AK-47 22lr kit  (25 round burst- 22lr kit)

7- PPSh-41 Curved Barrel (6.98MB .mpg)  
8- Explaining the PPSh-41 (Russian),
9- History of the PPSh-41 (English)

Best viewed using Windows Media Player. I have had problems with RealAudio not playing mpegs properly.
Download Media Player here

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