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Troubleshooting the Pah-Pah-Shah

If you are having problems with your PPSh, the first thing to check is the relation of the upper receiver to the lower receiver. This seems to be the cause of most problems with the PPSh. It only takes the upper receiver to be raised 1/16th" too much to start causing problems. See 'Problem' below: "Fires round(s) after trigger released. 'Cause' and 'Solution'- #1."

Functioning Problems
Problem Probable Cause Solution
Cartridge stuck at chamber opening. Cartridge unfired. Bolt not fully forward. Cartridge not in chamber. 1. Magazine lips bent.
2. Recoil spring weak.
3. Magazine spring weakened.
4. Drum spring tension needs adjustment.
(see PPSh Tips Page)
Do not close bolt. Lock bolt back in rearward position. Remove magazine.
1. If unfired round was at an angle to the chamber opening, compare top round angle to that of top round in a good functioning magazine. Carefully bend the magazine feed lip(s) so both cartridge angles are identical. Reinsert and retry the previously non-functioning magazine.
2. If unfired round was in direct line with chamber and partially or fully chambered, then recoil spring is too weak. Replace spring.
Round in chamber, unfired, light primer hit.1. Weak recoil spring.
2. Upper receiver bent or misaligned.
1. Replace recoil spring.
2. Have competent gunsmith bring upper receiver back to original position.
Round in chamber, empty shell on top causing a jam.
I refer to this as a "T" jam.
This usually is caused by the extractor not holding the spent shell tight enough when extracting. Remove the leaf spring holding the extractor by pushing up on the extractor, which pushes up the spring and creates an opening. At the same time, place a small round object, through the opening, therby holding the spring slightly higher than the top of the extractor... Next, push the spring forward and out. The extractor can now be removed upward. Clean the extractor and with a small pick, clean the grooves in which the extractor moves. Put back together and check the extractor tension by placing a fired shell in the bolt face and see if the extractor now holds the shell firmly.
Spent shell casings not ejecting. 1.Worn or broken extractor.
2. Cartridge support 'finger(s)' at bottom of bolt face broken.
3. Bent, worn or broken ejector.
4. Weak reloads.
5. Receiver bowed.
1. Replace extractor.
2. Replace or reweld bolt.
3. Repair or replace ejector.
4. If using reloads, make sure they are hot enough to eject shell at least 3 ft.to 4 ft. upward.
5.(from Brett): "My gun was not ejecting spent cases all the time and I found that the receiver was bowed from the chamber end of the barrel to the locking latch in the rear. The amount of bow was a little more than 1/8" and was letting the bolt ride too high in the receiver, missing the ejector on occasion. Made a jig in my shop to bring the receiver back to original shape and now the gun runs like a champ!"
Fires round(s) after trigger released. 1. Upper receiver raised slightly.
2. Recoil spring not correct length or strength.
3. Worn trigger bar sear or cocking recess on bolt bottom.
4. Broken or weak trigger bar spring.
1. Only takes about 1/16" to 1/8" extra height between upper receiver and lower receiver for bolt to 'jump' over sear. Test by holding or taping down upper receiver and shooting weapon. If this cures the problem, then place spacer between upper receiver and receiver locking cover.
2. Replace recoil spring. (this cures a lot of functioning problems)
3. Inspect trigger bar sear and bolt cocking recess for wear. Replace or repair as necessary
4. Remove and disassemble trigger group. Inspect trigger bar spring. Replace spring if broken. Replacing with too strong a spring will cause bolt to stop while firing full auto.
Stops during full-auto burst.1. Weak or broken trigger spring.
1. Replace trigger spring with similar size spring, but two coils longer.

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